Above The Rim, 1994

Duane Martin plays Kyle Lee Watson an inner-city high school basketball star that gets lured to played with Birdie’s team, played by Tupac Shakur, in the shootout – an inner city tournament where the the stakes can be high. The game starts off with Kyle playing a basketball game at high-school and Birdie’s crew turns up to watch. Kyle’s team lose arguably due to him not passing (or a foul as Kyle professes), in the locker room he gets a bit of a grilling but shakes it off all good. As he’s leaving he bumps into an old mate who’s now hanging with birdie’s crew, and they go off to meet Birdie. At Birdie’s club he’s introduced to the ladies and Birdie asks him if he wants to play on his team. Impressed by the money and girls he’s tempted to play for Birdies team, but his coach is wanting him to play for his team… He has to decide whether to play for the darkside or not so to speak.

Kyle’s mum starts to fall in love with Shep – the guard at Kyle’s college, and so some tension starts to build between Kyle and Shep. Shep used to play basketball when he was younger but with his friends death he’s decided to not play anymore. The film’s essentially focused around Kyle’s struggle with whether to play for his coaches team in the shootout or to play for Birdie’s with the money, girls and danger that’s associated with the underworld. Kyle’s coach also wants Shep to play on the team for the shootout, further putting the stresses on Kyle’s mind. We learn as the film progresses that Shep is Birdie’s older brother…

A good 98mins of entertainment, arguably one of the best basketball films made. Here’s the original trailer from 1994:


Hot Fuzz, 2007

The Film
If you have not heard of this film then where have you been for the last few years? It’s a great comedy action film that will have you glued to the screen and laughing hard. It stars Simon Pegg as PC Nicholas Angel a top London copper who gets posted out to the sticks due to his exceptional performance – 400% better than the others and making them all look bad. So off he goes, promoted to Sargent and tries to settle into his new village lifestyle. PC Angel is a complete workaholic who throughout the film we start to see more of his personal side.

He pops to the local pub on his first night in his new patch for a cranberry juice and sees some kids drinking under-age, he rapidly books clears the bar of youths and is the only one left in. As he’s leaving he nearly gets run over by a drink driver he’s soon to find out is his new partner (Danny – played by Nick Frost). Whilst dragging Danny to the nick he picks up some youths on the way… only to learn the nick doesn’t tend to do this enforcing the law stuff that often.

The phrase the “greater good” is heard throughout the film, with the village being quaint and the police station more like a village social club than crime fighting central. Danny’s misdemeanor is dealt with by him having to keep the station stocked of ice cream for the next month.

Danny plays the role of a naive but good hearted slightly dumb copper whilst Angel sticks to his formal analytical style. The film is centralized around how the village Angel is stationed to is trying to win the village of the year award for the umpteenth time and how they go about ensuring they’ll win and present the perfect village image. His first crime he’s called to is a missing swan, by a Mr P.I.Staker – he laughs at and then it cuts to him taking the details down from Mr P.I.Staker.

Angel spots a thief at the local supermarket, a chase ensues, the thief’s caught but happens to be someones brothers mother’s niece or something – anyway, the guy gets let off as the sinister supermarket owner doesn’t want to press charges. Next up they pull a guy for speeding, who happens to be a “well respected solicitor” who tries to blag his way out of it to no avail… The actor sends tickets to the station, Angel refuses them, though has to attend as the Chief requested him to do so. After the play the plot thickens at the after party, and later that night Mr Blower (the solicitor) is murdered together with the lead actress in the play. Angel gets a call and heads out to a traffic collission, where the two appear to have died in an accident. His analytical mind work through the information they have, however the local CID just can’t be bothered to look into it, just saying that accidents happen.

Angel and Danny are called out to a local farm, where they need an aged copper to come with them to translate from local farmer speak into English. On asking if the farmer has a licence for the fire arm he’s holding he’s shown a shed with significant ammount of ammunition – even a sea mine, which when on saying it’s a load of junk it starts to tick, they all rapidly exit the shed to… no explosion. They then impound the illegal firearms, providing more action than the stations seen probably in the last century. To celebrate Angel and Danny head to the local pub, and Angel’s persuaded to have a drink other than cranberry juice. After a few they head back to Danny’s and Angel opens up a little about his workaholic nature. Whilst their watching a film we see snippets of a murder, covered up by leaving the gas on… and so another member of the village dies.

As Angel gets on the scene he gives directions of what to do, saying 3 people have died in a week, yet no one thinks anything suspicious of it. Back at the station Angel learns he has to go and police the village fete. At which Danny takes him over to the air rifle shooting game, whereby he rapidly and efficiently knocks down the targets, on handing the rifle to Danny he accidentally shoots the guy running it in the leg!

The local reporter says to Angel he needs to talk to him about the murder and will meet him at 3pm by the church clock, however at 5mins to he’s called to do the raffle draw and so couldn’t be there. Whilst Angle’s on stage the camera flicks back and forth to a cloaked man running up the church to the roof, where the man then pushes a significant chunk of stone off. As Angel runs round to meet him just as he gets the the stone spire goes straight through the man. The Chief takes it seriously, upon which the cordons put up. Angel and Danny are given guard duty – out in the rain.

That evening Angel goes through the local paper archives and turns up in the morning whereby him and Danny start to go through the facts with Danny providing good local gossip. After another death, there’s a meeting at the station where he informs the others how he feels about the deaths, that they all are likely linked. The Chief calls him in to have a quiet word, and he tries to talk him down a bit. Angel says he knows who did it, the team go to the supermarket and Angel pieces together all the information providing a reasonable argument, however it turns out it was not him. After an embarrassing mis-accusation he quietens down, very much subdued, and appears to sink into the hum drum village life.

Then it comes to him, it’s more than one killer. the Chief asks him to sleep on it. Supposedly the same thing happened to his predecessor. He cracked after coming from the big city to the little village. On getting back to his hotel, Angel’s confronted by the killer in the cloak and manages to win. The killer had a radio on him, Angel hears Skinner asking if he’s been taken care of, he replies and Skinner says to come to the castle, thinking he was talking to his assassin and not Angel.

At the castle we are shown a kind of cult, the village elders in black cloaks sat at a round table. Angel gets to the castle and hears how they orchestrated his death and how he’d be found, he makes himself known and attempts to arrest the village elders. He says they should be ashamed of themselves, bu they say it’s all “for the greater good”.

They had been killing the people for simple reasons such as the running down of the drama club; building a house that didn’t fit in; persistent errors in the paper; and the grocer was killed as she was set on moving away – if they can’t have her no one can. Then the Chief turns up, with the same black cape on, and explains how he used to be like Angel, then because one year they lost the title his wife committed suicide, and so he said he’d do everything to ensure they won the village award each year thereafter. They try to kill Angel, Danny turns up and takes the villagers side, Angel’s chased, falls down and discovers where the villagers keep the dead that don’t die in accidents. He runs out and Danny helps him get away.

The Chief is Danny’s dad, Danny accepts what Angel’s saying, however says he can’t help him… Gives Angel the keys to his car, and he starts to head back to London as the cover up does right to the top… At a petrol station he see’s the cover of Bad Boys II and decides he has to go back. He goes to the station and gets the guns they previously impounded – he hops on a horse, and goes to get the criminals. A fantastic comical shoot up follows with the local villagers pulling guns out from inside their jackets and inside bicycle baskets and it all kicks off. Danny spots Angel and runs over to join in, this time picking the right side.

The rest of the local force turn up when they get into the pub, the Chief tries to get the force to arrest Angel but he explains whats been happening and they turn against the Chief who manages to get away. Next up is Mr Skinner, they head to the supermarket. Fight their way through the aisles to the main office where they look out the window to see Mr Skinner running into a cop car. They hop out the window and are in close pursuit. Skinners car crashes into a model village due to a swan in the road, Angel and Danny come round the corner and manage to avoid the swan, stopping to put it in the back and then drive on to catch up with Skinner and the Chief. Skinner loses the fight with Angel. Danny turns up, after helping his dad out the car (the Chief) his dad takes him hostage and manages to get away… but not for long he soon crashes the car due to the swan in the back.

Then the London Chief arrives in Sanford offering Angel his job back, but he declines saying he rather likes it there. Next scene is Angel with the newly motivated coppers in the station when one of the village elders comes in and goes to shoot Angel, Danny dives in front and takes the bullet, Angel kicks a bin into the guys face and wrestles him into the impound room, where from the earlier hoard of guns they impounded there’s also a sea mine. When the elder gets thrown into the room he hits the mine, it activates and kaboom! The station’s blown up.

All in all a great funny British comedy / action, significantly more to the stupid funny with some great action scenes – not a bad watch at all. Play the online game here!

And here’s the trailer:

Oceans Eleven, 2001

The first in the now well known serious detailing impressive heists completed by a well organized and hand picked team led by conman Danny Ocean (George Clooney). It starts with Danny being released from prison, and straight away he’s onto a new plan to make the millions.Next we’re introduced to an ace card-shark, Ross, (Brad Pitt) who is currently making a buck teaching famous people how to play cards. Danny tracks him down as he steadily builds his team for the heist of the century – eleven men, three casinos, one night.

The targets are the Bellagio, the Mirage, and the MGM Grand, all owned by the ruthless entrepreneur Terry Benedict (Andy Garcia) who’s dating Danny’s ex-wife Tess (Julia Roberts). Steadily each team member says it’s crazy, but for the $150million they’re all in.

Danny and Ross go to meet Ruben, a bitter casino mogul. They meet him at his luxurious pad and after hearing their ideas he says he’s out, on hearing they’re all Terry Benedict’s casino’s he’s in – as Terry muscled him out of the business… And so the team grows to three.

Next up is a cockney explosives expert who Ross rescues from arrest through pretending to be a cop when one robbery went wrong… Then they hunt down their grease man – a Chinese acrobat… Next is a retired thief they track down at the dog tracks. Then Linus, a pick pocket, (Matt Damon). The other essential members are requested to meet at Ruben’s house, and the plan is explained detailing the many security issues they’ll face, and then they’re either in or out…

They start doing reconnaissance, who does what, when they do it, so they know the movements of the staff. They work out how to cut the power, and look at how to trick the surveillance, and steadily the plan is rolled out. The plan sounds impossible, looks impossible, there are many hurdles along the way however with Brad and George on the team they overcome all the hurdles and get away with the loot.

A high action, star studded film, with a great tension build up to a fantastic ending. Well worth many a view more I must say.

Another link exchange site… All about the traffic

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Learning day by day…

Just learned today that actually the reviews should be logged as posts rather than pages – doesn’t make much of a difference to me, just as I’m trying to do at least one a day hopefully it’ll give a clearer track record. A bunch of copying and pasting, and now, time for the next film… Hmmm… What shall it be…?

Superbad, 2007

The Film:

SuperBad Superbad… First saw it when I was in Ayia Napa last summer… In a word, awesome! I’ve never watched a film so many times whilst trying to remember what I did / didn’t do last night – God bless the portable DVD player. Quality sound track, great actors, and a hysterical story line…. It goes a little something like this:

Seth (Jonah Hill) and Evan (Michael Cera) are two not so lucky best mates who are depserately trying to bed the girls they like at school before heading off to college. The true classic cheesy geek that is Fogel, a.k.a McLovin (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) gets some fake ID and with the aim of getting laid they try and get some booze for a party… Bumping into some cops (Knocked Up’s Seth Rogen and Saturday Night Live’s Bill Hader) who make their escapades all the more hillarious.

It starts with Seth and Evan chatting on their way to school. The natural interaction between them ensures a couple of genuine chuckles as a warm up. In their home ec class they get invited to Jules’s party (hot(ish) girl) when Fogel comes into the lesson and mentions about how he’s gonna be getting some fake ID.

After the lesson there’s a hilarious section about how Evan hasn’t spoken to Rebecca (the girl Evan’s trying to bed) because he used to draw dicks from a young age “here I am, a little kid, and I can’t stop drawing dics to save my life”. Long story short, in a lesson when Seth was a kid one of the dick he was drawing drops on her foot… She pics it up and screams – head teachers called in and his parents think he’s some dick drawing devil. Anyhoo, after the comical story they go their separate ways and Seth is asked to grab some booze for the girls’ whose party it is as they know he’s getting the fake ID – they ask for a fair bit but he’s like “yeah fo sho”.

Evan agrees to buying Rebecca some booze for the party, after school they go to meet up with Fogel.. he’s got the ID… and the name on it is “McLovin”!!! Hillarious! After a bit of a gruelling he’s like “well it was between that or Muhammed” as “Muhammed’s the most common name in the world”.

They meet up to go and get the booze, as Fogel works at the shop that’s nearest Seth goes in to steal some booze rather than go to another shop, a bunch of funny scenarios are rolled out in front of your eyes when in the end he bricks it and comes out empty handed. They go to the liquor store and McLovin’s given a hige list of booze to buy, he goes in, sweats a fair bit, is about to get served when the shop gets robbed – Seth and Evan are outside discussing whether they’ve brought condoms etc leading to the line “I’ve even brought a little bottle of spermicidal lube”. The robber comes in, knocks McLovin out, and takes the money from the till… The police are called, Seth and Evan look at the shop and see the cop car outside, on running over to the window sees Fogel being questioned and think he’s been busted.

The bungling cops question the cashier about the robbery, question Fogel, who has to say his name’s McLovin due to the ID issue, and they fuckin love it! No first name, no last name, just McLovin. Outside Seth and Evan are arguing saying they now need to get some booze and Fogel’s got the money when bam – Seth’s knocked over by a car reversing. Back to the cops and they’re questioning Fogel some more, check his ID, and… they laugh about him being an organ donor and offer him a life to where he’s going. The guy outside that just reversed into Seth, has an outstanding warrant on him and so offers them $7 asking them not to report him… As they want booze, the guy says he’s take them to the party he’s going to as there’ll be loads of booze there…

Whilst Fogel’s in the cop car they get a call to an incident at a bar. Seth and Evan arrive at the party where the guy has taken them – lots of booze, but it appears he doesn;t get on too well with the guy whose party it is. Whilst the guy’s getting beaten up outside Seth and Evan try to find some booze they can rob, whilst Evans confidence starts to get the better of him thinking maybe it’s best not to get Rebecca sloshed.

Fogel arrives at the ba with the cops, a comical fight scene ensues, the cops catch up wtih Fogel and the guy who the cops were trying to arrest managed to knock himself by falling over – hey presto the cops offer to buy him a beer saying “that’s how you take a guy down McLovin”.

At the party Seth dances with a girl, it is soon after pointed out that she “had her period on him” hahaha. Definitely a lot of childish laughs throughout!

Back at the bar, and Fogel’s watching the video of him getting knocked out by the robber with the cops and their drinking a few beers. A few tales are axchanged and they grad a few beers for the road. BAck at the party, and Seth’s struck gold – finding a fridge full of beer he decides it’d be logical to empty out some containers and fill them with beer.

Plenty more funny bits… you gotta watch this film… And now I’ll continue…

The cops get called to the party, Seth and Evan are now running from the party and the cop car hits Seth, the cars’ windscreen is cracked though Seth’s OK. The cops start grilling them and giving them a hard time, Fogel comes out from the car and they all run off going in different directions. The cops lose em, and they hop on a bus to the party. A guy from the bar that McLovin was in with the cops is on the bus and goes to start on him when the bottle of gold flake vodka is accidentally thrown to the floor and they all get thrown off the bus – and they’re only 3 blocks away.

They arrive at the party they were headed for all night and it’s in full swing, Fogel’s got the booze, everyone’s been waiting for Seth as he wasgiven the shopping list of booze, arrives and is treated like G. Rebecca however, is pretty tipsy by now, Evan’s stone cold sober and more than slightly apprehensive… Seth’s pissed and Jules is sober – Jules isn’t up for it as Seth’s drunk, and Evan isn’t feeling it as Rebecca’s really drunk. McLovin pulls the girl he likes, she’s a bit simple, through his fake Id, and quote she actually says “What’s Hawaii like?” as on the fake ID it says he’s from Hawaii LoL!!! Rebecca starts being sick n the bed with Evan, Seth passes out whilst talking with Jules, McLovin starts getting it on, and the cops arrive – oh yes, it’s the bungling cops from earlier.

They bust in on McLovin getting jiggy, after giving him props for getting laid they start shouting at him about running away. They calm down, and apologise to him, saying they know he’s not 25, they know his name’s not McLovin, and that when they were his age they hated cops – they just wanted to show him cops can have a fun time too. They say they’d do anything for him, and so he asks for them to drag him out of the party in cuffs – great scene. The cops and Fogel go to trash the car and he signs a form stating that whilst the cops were at the store a crack head stole their car, so they go and do doughnuts and then torch the car.

They go back to Evans and crash out, the next day go and do some shopping at the mall and bump into Jules and Rebecca. With a cross one was too drunk the night before etc conversation going on, the guys pair off with their girls and that’s the film.

Great laughs throughout, mildly soft at the end but all in all a great funny film.

And here’s the trailer for y’all: