Jet Li, The One, 2001

The Film:

The One Jet LiNo suprises here, a martial arts film by the masterous Jet Li. From the director of Final Destination comes an action packed trip to the future where there are parallel universes. Jet Li plays a deadly universe hopping assassin who through killing each of him in different parallel universes gets stronger – becoming “The One”. Amazing fight scenes and shows of martial arts skill combined with Matrix type slow motion and fast running scenes as his strength improves through assasinating each of himself in a parallel universe ensures a good viewing experience.

It starts with one Jet Li being removed from prison, wehre he is rapidly assassinated by “The One” with a fast paced getaway scene where he’s running at 50mph+ and does inhuman jumps with the cops chasing. After losing the police the inter-universe police then get on his tail, and hop with him to inter-universe police headquarters where we learn he’s killed 123 of himself in parallel universes giving him almost super power strength and reaction times. He ios about to be banished, when a mouse released by an accomplice provides a opportunity for escape, and he hops to another universe, our universe.

As each Jet Li is killed in each parallel universe he gains more strength, with only the assasin JEt Li understanding why he is getting stronger. This leads the Jet Li in our universe, who’s a cop, to question why he is getting stronger / more powerful / faster.

To keep it clear, Jet Li will be the Jet Li in our universe, and we’ll call the assassin guy “The One”. So Jet Li gets shot by The One, goes to hospital and checks himself out as it hit his bullet proof jacket. Goes home, the back to hospital to check in with the other coppers, he doesn’t want to say what he saw because he saw himself. The One makes it into the hospital, a fantastic fight scene happens and they both get away alive.

Gabe – is the name for the one in our world, so lets call him that, and Yu-Law? is the name for the assassin dude so we’ll stick to their proper names from now on. Yu-Law escapes by hiding in a body bag, and Gabe gets out by hopping into the back of an ambulance. The agents hunting them catch up with them, the one with Gabe tries to explain why he’s getting stronger and what’s happening. The agent with Yu-Law explains that if Gabeis killed it might put the whole multiverse out of balance – maybe even becoming a God. Yu-Law kills the agent after an amazing fight, then the police arrive and mass carnage is unleashed Jet Li / Yu-Law styla!

Gabe’s wife is the only one that believes he is him, and is not a crazed assassin after the hospital escapades. She goes home and is confronted by Yu-Law in the attic, cops all over the place, a clever question and she realizes it’s not Gabe, however the cops are too slow and Yu-Law gets away.

Gabe has now teamed up with the multiverse cop, and together they go after Yu-Law. This leads to probably the best fight scene of the movies between Yu-Law and Gabe, truely show’s Jet Li’s skills as a martial arts performer and the great production involved in this film.

Overall an action packed martial arts film with plenty of special effects, if you’re more for the old school then this won’t be your thing, but either way I’d say it’s worth a watch, maybe not a buy.

The Background:

Jet Li, or Li Lian Jie, was born April 26, 1963, in Heibei, Beijing, China. Left to the care of his mother after the early passing of his father, Li grew up with a type of protective and strict parenting which made him very shy and fearful. By the time he was eight, his mother sent him to Beijing’s Amateur Sports School for formal training in Wushu, the Chinese national sport. This helped him gain confidence as he became the most talented kid in This is where he got the name “Jet”, attributed to the speed with which he performed his moves.

Jet eventually became a national champion and won several titles in varoius competitions throughout the ’70s. He became the country’s representative to martial arts events across the globe. After his stint in the sports arena, Li made his feature film debut in Shaolin Temple which, along with its sequels, became a box-office hit. This led to several more films in China and Hong Kong and made him the most in-demand star in China.

Here’s the final fight scene:

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