Oceans Eleven, 2001

The first in the now well known serious detailing impressive heists completed by a well organized and hand picked team led by conman Danny Ocean (George Clooney). It starts with Danny being released from prison, and straight away he’s onto a new plan to make the millions.Next we’re introduced to an ace card-shark, Ross, (Brad Pitt) who is currently making a buck teaching famous people how to play cards. Danny tracks him down as he steadily builds his team for the heist of the century – eleven men, three casinos, one night.

The targets are the Bellagio, the Mirage, and the MGM Grand, all owned by the ruthless entrepreneur Terry Benedict (Andy Garcia) who’s dating Danny’s ex-wife Tess (Julia Roberts). Steadily each team member says it’s crazy, but for the $150million they’re all in.

Danny and Ross go to meet Ruben, a bitter casino mogul. They meet him at his luxurious pad and after hearing their ideas he says he’s out, on hearing they’re all Terry Benedict’s casino’s he’s in – as Terry muscled him out of the business… And so the team grows to three.

Next up is a cockney explosives expert who Ross rescues from arrest through pretending to be a cop when one robbery went wrong… Then they hunt down their grease man – a Chinese acrobat… Next is a retired thief they track down at the dog tracks. Then Linus, a pick pocket, (Matt Damon). The other essential members are requested to meet at Ruben’s house, and the plan is explained detailing the many security issues they’ll face, and then they’re either in or out…

They start doing reconnaissance, who does what, when they do it, so they know the movements of the staff. They work out how to cut the power, and look at how to trick the surveillance, and steadily the plan is rolled out. The plan sounds impossible, looks impossible, there are many hurdles along the way however with Brad and George on the team they overcome all the hurdles and get away with the loot.

A high action, star studded film, with a great tension build up to a fantastic ending. Well worth many a view more I must say.

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