About DvdHoarder

Hello world,

I’m a 23 year old guy financey background chap based in the UK. Currently as they say “in-between projects” and so have been looking at what to do with my life, whether it be go to Uni, do something a bit different, or hop back into advising people on what to do with their money. In the meantime, I came across wordpress, and noticed, probably much like yourself, over the years I have built up a size-able collection of DVD’s, some I remember, some I don’t, some good, some not so good, some amazing, and some “why did I buy this?”.   It therefore seemed to make sense to watch them, one a day (we can all have aspirations…) and type a review here for the world too see / comment on.

The films I chose tend to be gangster / martial arts / action packed / horror types, however as any early 20’s lad will confirm, there are several that have lodged themselves in the stack due to going and buying a bottle of wine and a DVD with (one of) the ex’s. I must say, some of the rom-com’s I remember weren’t that bad to be honest, just not what I’d necessarily go and pick out.

First time I’ve tried blogging so we’ll see how it goes, if you like what you see or are interested to know what’s the next film that might pop up then register on then bookmark me and come back each day – or each week to see what’s been viewed and reviewed.

Adios for now,


P.s. I am still avidly applying for jobs, the average Brit spends 2hrs+ per day watching tv, my plan is to not watch TV and instead watch a DVD. At least it means I won’t be going out partying all the time!

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